Test Question feelings and rationale

I chose the test items that I did because I feel that they would best compliment a portfolio for my class by allowing for the following reasons to use a portfolio to be understood.

1. it would be a way to communicate to parents what has been learned through their children’s writing and answering of questions , they are easy questions that parents can understand the use of without a lot of ‘extra education’ themselves.

2. it will help me as an instructor evaluate how well I have taught the lesson on Jack London’s Call of the Wild and how I might need to change it in coming instruction periods on this particular piece.

Some more of my thoughts behind how I planned my outcomes and the questions that would help me judge whether a student has satisfactorily progressed in the outcomes was the ability to use the questions in a clear concise rubric. There are measurable goals in the learning outcomes that can be further dissected when applied to the test questions I have chosen.

I also liked the example Essay portfolio rating form that was presented in our text in figure 10.1 and realized that having a rubric plus supplemental material such as that would only better help the process of determining how well students and were staying in the same realm of instruction.

And finally my rationale behind the questions and outcomes I made for this assignment were based on information in Chapter ten of our textbook that states  “Once you design rubrics for each entry in the portfolio, you next design scoring criteria for the portfolio as a whole product. Some traits to consider when developing a scoring mechanism for the entire portfolio are the following: thoroughness variety growth or progress overall quality self-reflection flexibility organization appearance “(Kubiszyn 212).

I chose to base information contained in my post on the scoring criteria for the portfolio because much of what you need to score a whole portfolio is helpful to look at when writing individual rubrics for each thing you are going to test.




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