Parenting With Scripture by Kara Durbin


The book Parenting with Scripture written by Kara Durbin is a dream come true for this mom of three!


This book has sound biblical answers for a myriad of topics, but also allows for me to topically search verses that might be of use for captioning in photo albums or scrapbooks. The book is not overly large, so it would even be feasible to drop it in a tote as you walked out the door to a scrapbooking session with your girlfriends.


My personal favorites in this a to z topical guide were the sections on discipline, what parent couldn’t use a Biblical thought here? And my other favorite was fairness, with three kids in the house this is always a big “trouble spot” when the girls and their older brother are experiencing a day where naps were a no show.


I can also appreciate the well written examples that accompany the topic and verses, I have found myself sending my nine year old to pick up this book off the table to find his own answer from scripture, it seems this could be  another avenue for Kara to take on “families with scripture” , since this has been a book that has been accessed by our whole family. 

Here is a great example and quote from Durbin’s work it includes a word definition, a sample sentence and accompanying Bible verses. 

“stress-n. worry, strain, or pressure. 

My Dad is under a lot of stress at work

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you

                 1 Peter 5:7 

Doesn’t that just feel like a full package devotional? One that I think could be used by the whole family not just parents, though most of the teachable moments are going to be more useful to parents. 




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