Our Generous God

Have you ever felt like you were at your wits end and then *BAM* it hits you like a ton of bricks how wonderful our God is? Honestly none of us have anything to complain about when we realize we didn’t have the whole world to create or all the sinners to save. God made a wonderful creation in our universe and in us as his human likeness here on Earth. 

So the next time you feel down and out realize you weren’t responsible for creating Oranges or Orangutans. You should think about your tangible gifts that our God has given you. 

Ways that God has been generous to me personally in the last week:

an amazing former sister in law who has always despite the divorce been a rock and voice of reason for me. 

My two beautiful daughters, and the simplicity at which they look at life. 

A final thought for today is no matter the tangible and amazing gifts that God provides you whether talents in singing or money, use what you have responsibly. 

The most amazing gift of all isn’t tangible, but praise God for allowing us to be saved through the ultimate gift of his son Jesus Christ on the cross. 




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