Finances —Friend and Foe

Let’s face it folks finances are our friends when we have money with a little to spare and our foe when we don’t have two nickels to rub together. I have been on each of these sides mulitple times as an adult, and tend to stay on the side of them being my foe.

A little background, my boyfriend and I have three children and he works shift work while I spend most of my days at home with the toddlers. If only we had the space for  me to make an enterprising living out of care of children, what a blessing that would be. For now however I take jobs at decent wage but are not even considered part time in the world of employment just so that I can feel I’m doing something and not portraying myself and worthless and lazy in the eyes of my children all though being at home with them has always been a dream fulfilled for me no matter how exhausted and cranky I may be on Monday-Friday.

Here are my thoughts on finances at the Biblical level (which as a Christian I should make it my mission to follow) 

The Lord owns the earth and all it contains. The world and all who live in it. -Psalm 24:1 

Well that is pretty straight forward, we are expected to do what God asks in all areas of our life because he is the Supreme King. 

There is danger in storing up treasures on earth (as talked about in Matthew 6) because we should be giving freely and because we want to, it should not be a task we feel that we need to make a big production out of. What good is it for us to hoard things here on Earth? We should be focusing our thoughts and deeds on the ultimate life in the here after. Another danger of being focused on our pursuit to have and make money is that we are all consumed by this, when in reality if we are meant to have it then God will provide it. I understand this consuming fear about money as I was a poor child growing up and the cycle is one that is hard to get out of us as it has continued for a few years here as an adult with children. 

So instead of worrying about money and making it feel so consuming to even talk about I am going to work on focusing my life on being content in the here and now with what has been provided through my faith in Our God. I hope that some of you are also helped in knowing that you aren’t alone in your feelings of fear and inadequacy in caring for your family. Praise God for the ability to spend one more day on Earth with your family. I pray for you my friends that he softens your heart to the contentment that can be found amid all the chaos of this materialistic world. 

God will equip us with our needs to care for his creation, our family. As stated in the Mom’s Bible (NCV). 


Then he said to them, Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.
(Luke 12:15) 



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