Divorce and Remarriage

This is a review on the book Divorce and Remarriage by Tony Evans.


Here is some information from the back cover of the book

” No subject in our churches today carries with it such far-reaching  emotional and spiritual implications”

A few questions that the author answers in his book:

  • Are there conditions under which divorce is permissible?
  • When is remarriage and option?
  • Can a second union truly be blessed by God?

My favorite quote from the book is below:

” A covenant is spiritually binding relationship between God and his people . It has legal status in the spiritual realm that includes certain agreements, conditions, benefits, and effects. In other words God operates by the rule of his covenant” (Evans,10,2012)

Because a spiritual covenant assumes God’s involvement I was able to tack down what I believe to be the problem in my first marriage. That is not a mistake I wish to repeat. We messed up by thinking human way was the right way and left God out in the cold, bad idea. I honestly think that if I had the tools I now have back then then I might have been able to give my marriage a little more fight instead of facing the denial or even laying down and accepting defeat instead of us just continuing to live separately and allowing him to engage in intimate acts with others. I also gave in far to easily to my ex husbands worldly view of what he thought he wanted and needed, and not wanting to further rock the boat I divorced him because I thought that if you loved someone you did what the asked no questions asked. We were suppose dot have done all things together, we were part of  a blessed covenant, that we originally put God in the middle of , but eventually pushed him back out. We were young and dumb.

I do believe Mr. Evans hit the nail on the head when he said ” Because people have a distorted and low view of marriage, divorce is an easy option.”

Seems to me that many of us who use the “easy option” Mr. Evans spoke of forge that God joined them together and let non one separate them. I believe that includes the judge down and the courthouse who issued my divorce decree.

It also seems to me that this makes being committed to seeing a marriage survive is difficult, especially if you feel like you are the only one.

Divorce is a concession because of sin (pg. 28), Way to pen my eyes again Tim Evans!

God recognizes people may not be able to live together and separate without biblical grounds. In these situations you are either to seek reconciliation or remain unmarried until or unless either begins a relationship with another (pg 41)

I particularly like how the author made this sometimes gray area of divorce understandable and backed it up biblically.

Also page 42 of this book reminds us what kills a covenant

God takes marriage seriously and you can’t dissolve a relationship until a death occurs, either physically or covenantal. Covenantal deaths come through adultery, abandonment, or unrepentant spiritual rebellion.

The author does a good job of describing the role of the church in the life of divorced persons. All in all I found this book an informational and enjoyable read. Unless you are going through a divorce or know someone who might be able to use the information (pastor couples group teacher etc.) I would read through this because it is a sad read on the state  of affairs of our human world and how we have skewed priorities today. Our priorities should include putting God in the correct place in our life more so than we do. In our personal lives and in our marriages.


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