When His People Pray

“When his People pray for help he listens and rescues them from their troubles. The Lord is there to rescue all who are discouraged and have given up hope.” Psalm 34:17-18 (CEV)

“Is anyone crying for help? God is listening ready to rescue you. If your heart is broken; you’ll find God right there; if you are kicked in the gut he will help you catch your breath.”

Psalm 34:17-18 (MSG)


These verses indicate to me the importance of prayer. You can look them up In  your own preferred translation of the Bible, I chose two that I found the easiest to read as I wanted to appeal to the largest audience possible.

In particular the verse from the MSG seems extremely appropriate for today, how many of us in this downed economy haven’t felt “kicked in the gut” a time or two? An unexpected bill or layoff to just name examples. I have been out of full time work for awhile, I have been blessed by Heaven above to have the chance to be at home to raise my children, but that has not been an easy task financially. Some how we have made it over the last three years. I’m guessing my daily prayers to God to make today sufficient for today might be the key.
“Don’t worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. You have enough to worry about today” Matthew 6:34 (CEV)

All of this says to me prayer should be our top priority. If we are unsure, angry, sad or just not sure how the day is going to turn out then seeking him for answers certainly won’t make the day any worse, even if we don’t find the perfect answer we as humans with free will would like to have.



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