Discovering God’s Wonderful Design

I recently was given a review copy of Cassie and Caleb Discover God’s Wonderful Design by authors Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt.

I was very impressed with the way the authors packed so much real life detail into these short stories , but still kept a biblical perspective. This is probably a book more suited for Kindergarten age and older, seeing as how my 2 and three year old were a little hard to keep focused on the words of the story, but they certainly enjoyed the pictures and reading the Bible verses at the top of each story.

Here is a synopsis of the important points of this title from the back cover:

Through Twenty stories with engaging illustrations , followed by an interactive time between parent and child, your children will learn: •The creational principles that “god created man in his own image…male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27) is extraordinary •Jesus is in all of Scripture. The Bible is not a collection of disconnected stories but one big story of the triune God redeeming his people. •God’s Word is our authority and His glory is our purpose. •When we belong to Jesus, we belong to His covenant family, the Church. •A biblical framework for living and thinking.

I also like that within the books these stories center on different family dynamics, that makes it seem all the more real to me. Such as the girls and Grandmother Grace cleaning up water. Then there are two parent families and single parent. It makes their stories ring even more true to our world and gives proof to those who may not feel God loves them because they are not part of a perfect situation as perceived through society. A lot to get out of a children’s book wouldn’t you say? I find it an appropriate way to illustrate God’s love to those who are adults as well. Maybe Susan and Richie should also look at writing a similar book for ESL adults or other important populations of our world who need help grasping the Word’s of God.


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