Wayfinding Bible from Tyndale

This Bible is very nicely laid out in comparison to some previous NLT Bibles I have looked at that tend to stick to the paragraph format. This Bible is more of the standard column approach with a lot of additional information. It is different in that a lot of Bibles marketed for adults don’t have the in-depth notes with color pictures and infographics that this Bible does. I have a study Bible that is not at all this nicely laid out or color coordinated. It is a Bible that seems to have all the big highlights already pointed out for you so you might even be safe putting your highlighter down to read this one.
I’m not the biggest fan of the New Living translation, however, this Bible might change that if I spend some more time using it.
Having the pictures in the Bible was a little strange to me, but I understand that it helps to modernize a sometimes dry and intimadating book, so I can see the appeal there for many. I would be comfortable giving this as a gift to a child or possibly even tween, depending on their reading level and accumulated knowledge of the Bible from other more standard means.
This sounds a little “picky” , but it seems to me they should have chose another color for the outside cover of the Bible, most of my Bibles are very well loved and it would not take long for the currently very pretty pristine white cover to look dingy.
Overall this was a great Bible reading experience. I started with the 50 day Flyover plan and was sincerely impressed to see how everything linked together, I challenge you to try doing that without their plans and page numbers all right there for you, it would take a lot of book marks to accomplish it, or sticky notes whatever your preference may be.

Here is an information video about the Way-finding Bible 



I received a copy of this Bible in exchange for my honest review from Tyndale


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